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~international HL~

this is a blog mostly about exo, but you'll see other things thrown in~

I bias zitao and xingxing and jongdae and jongin and sehunah and now SOMETIMES luhan but love all of ot12~

I also make edits but should probably stick to snarky tags.

nice to meet you!
feel free to stop in and say hi~
[FROM. TAO] Sehun-ah


Sehun-ah, although there aren’t a lot of things I can do for you, I hope you understand my feelings. You know even if I don’t tell you right-ㅋㅋ

You aged another year Happy Birthday! Hun-ah, because I have you I’m really happy. Because I have you I feel assured.
Let’s go together forever.



/watches exo’s teaser instead of preparing for school